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Setting up Ghost in Azure with Let's Encrypt Part 1

Setting up Ghost in Azure with Let's Encrypt Part 1

Decided to move my blogging platform to Ghost, and host it on Azure. I also decided to make my website secure, even though it is just a blogging site, because there are different certificate authority providers that gives free TLS/SSL certificates.

I am going to share how I implemented it, before I get started here are the prerequisites:

  • Microsoft Azure Subscription

Creating Ghost Blog in Azure

To get started, I used Felix Rieseberg's Ghost-Azure repository to deploy to Azure.

  • Go ahead and click Deploy to Azure button and you should be taken to Microsoft Azure's portal.
  • Fill out the details according to your needs. However, keep in mind that I am implementing a website with server name indication, custom domain, and SSL, so you have to update the Sku to Standard.
  • Press next, and you it should automatically setup the website for you, and you should be able to see your newly created ghost website.

An example of what you can see in your portal when you click the newly created web app.

  • If you go to the newly created website, you should see that Ghost is running.