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πŸ”₯ Microsoft MVP Summit 2019 πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯ Microsoft MVP Summit 2019 πŸ”₯

It was the time of the year where all Microsoft MVPs around the world gather for exclusive multi-day MVP event that is hosted in Bellevue and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The MVP Global Summit features a large catalog of in-depth technical discussions and feedback sessions combined with networking opportunities with other fellow MVPs and Microsoft product groups!

This is my 8th consecutive year to attend the summit. The experience is amazing from the start. I was originally from the Philippines and MVP Summit was a chance for me to meet all the superstars of the community and Microsoft employees that I look up to when I was still a student. This time it was no different, my network keeps growing every year by getting to know all new and old MVPs. Since there is a limited time to get to talk to everyone, my goal every year is to a build connection with at least one MVP for the year.

Espresso Shot with MVP Design

The entire summit is like running in a marathon. It's my only chance to hear from different product groups on what directions Microsoft is going and this was a perfect opportunity too to give feedback and influence their decisions for the future. However, it's always complemented by chatting with other MVPs every session break.

πŸ’ͺ Strengthens my deep expertise in technology

MVP Summit is like a refresher to me every year. Whenever I get back I'm always pumped and excited to do epic work. It's like my MOJO is back. It helps me a lot by making better decisions and giving advice going forward. However, anything content that is not public cannot be disclosed until it is made public. 🀐

NDA is perfectly summed up by Didier Van Hoye, better known as WorkingHardInIT

That means you won’t hear about anything under NDA and as such we’ll remain silent on what we see, hear, learn and discuss at the MVP Global Summit
With the Amazing Gu

βœ”οΈ One great advice from Scott Gu for career perspective

Are you seeing trends for developers to be specialist versus generalist is it becoming impossible to know enough about all as everything in the technology world became much faster than before?

I think the thing I'd recommend to people is to be a generalist enough to know how all the pieces fit together. Whether it's Azure or Amazon with other technologies. You know what is a NoSQL database, what is a relational database. What are the pros and cons of each. What are the raw capabilities and then I pick a couple areas to go to and become a specialist. If you're just sort of an inch deep and a thousand things that might not be enough to do anything, but if you can at least understand broadly and then go deep on a specific area that would be my kind of recommendation from a career perspective.

I will agree with what Scott Gu said. Since I started attending the summit 8 years ago, I've been attending sessions outside of my expertise from leadership, community, diversion and inclusion, office products, business intelligence, databases, security, networking, devops, cloud and mobile computing, blockchain , artificial intelligence and many more. It has been extremely helpful in getting to understand key concepts whether it's soft skills or technical skills that influences my decisions.

Here's a preview of what sessions I've attended and being a fan boy.

Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President and Father of SharePoint
Eric Boyd, Corporate Vice President Azure AI
Brendan Burns, Kubernetes co-founder and Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft
Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure

🀩 Fun, exciting, and rejuvenates me 🀩

Even if the entire day is full of sessions, the entire night was full of fun activities. From sponsored events from Telerik up to the celebration event, it was just a perfect ice breaker to get to meet more awesome people around the world!

Here are some of the highlights of the Summit!

Telerik Influencer Party
Telerik Influencer Party
The bar
Kudos to the events team for an amazing celebration party theme
Food at the celebration party
I need help putting on the HoloLens
Playing around with HoloLens

Awesome MVPs from Filipinos to Europeans to Chinese to Japanese

This year I got to meet a fellow Filipino Dux Raymond Sy, who was an amazing speaker. Unfortunately, it was short due to him having to fly to Europe for the Microsoft Ignite tour. I also got to meet another fellow Filipino who is a new Microsoft CPM for Australia/Netherlands, Shiva Ford. Another amazing person who was fun and chill to hanging out with. Looking forward to hanging out with them again in the future!

Filipino MVPs
When I won the Surface Go tablet while me and Shiva pretends I'm receiving it on behalf of Microsoft
MVPs from all over the world
With our Microsoft CPM

I was also extremely lucky to win from Microsoft's first MVP challenge. I won a Surface Tablet and got some goodies such as stickers, and office freebies.

Lots and lots of stickers

πŸ™ Thank you, Pyramid Systems, Microsoft, and to the events team who made this possible. I highly appreciate all the efforts for this amazing experience!