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How to troubleshoot Ghost Blog in Azure App Service

How to troubleshoot Ghost Blog in Azure App Service

Same as my previous post, I was upgrading Ghost blog platform to 0.90. However, I suddenly got issues and took the web site down.

Problems encountered

I saw the following error when I was analyzing it through the portal. Most of them didn't help, for the actual error for this case, so I had to go to the actual physical log.

iisnode was unable to establish named pipe connection to the node.exe process before the process terminated

This was a generic error message. A simple search would yield back to ASP.NET problems. Since this repository is using iisnode it also lead to a known issue that was created in Github.

Steps to analyze

You can download the diagnostic logs via the KUDU api at https://.{web-app-name}.scm.azurewebsites.net/api/dump. And you can check the application logs in \LogFiles\Application folder.


From there I was able to figure out why I was getting an error.

  • Go to your kudu website. Template is:
  • Go to the following directory:
  • Type the following command:
rmdir -q -s
  • Rebuild Ghost through the portal. Publishing -> Deployment source -> Sync